For most debt collectors, your phone is your primary tool.  And, as most debt collectors know, people eventually get good at avoiding your calls.  With Itellas Caller ID Spoofing, you can get your debtors on the phone much faster, increasing your collection rate, and making you and your clients more money.
  • Itellas' patented Call Localization allows you to show random phone numbers from a debtor's home area code, or even their town!
  • Keep debtors honest with free Call Recording
  • Itellas' Voice Changer allows agents to disguise their voices, so the same agent can call a difficult debtor multiple times without giving away who they are
  • Highly-detailed call logging, auditing, and analytics allow both agents and managers to track activity, and allows for accurate client billing
  • Aids in asset recovery by allowing agents to more quickly learn the location of missing client assets
  • More effective and less expensive than trap lines