Notice to Law Enforcement

If you are a member of Law Enforcement and need assistance with an investigation, please do not use this form.  Instead, please submit an abuse report.

If you are a member of the general public, and you believe that someone is using Caller ID Spoofing in an unlawful manner, please submit an abuse report.  Otherwise, please complete the form below with accurate information.

Please note the following items:

      • This form is not intended for complaints about Caller ID Spoofing as an industry.  If you feel you are being victimized, please submit an abuse report.  Itellas does not sell service to telemarketers, nor do we allow robodialers on our network.  Please consider these two facts before submitting an inflammatory or abusive message.

      • Due to abuse by solicitors and others, Itellas does not offer pre-sales phone consultations.  If you have specific questions about our service, we'd love to assist you through this form, or an email to  And, If we are unable to answer your questions adequately by email, we will at that point be happy to call you.

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